About Us

Thank you for popping in …we assume you need Photographic Backdrops? You have stopped at the right place …we supply backdrops on a serious level. We are ready to supply you with your Seamless Photographic Backdrops in a few ticks.

We’re Ready to Supply You with your next Seamless Photographic Paper Backdrops

Let us be your go-to stockist …We have supplied various production companies with our seamless photographic paper backdrops, videographers, leading content creators, South Africa’s top publishing houses, award winning advertising agencies, influencers, professional photographers and last but not least, camera clubs and amateur photographers alike.

Who We Are

Established in 2018 we are the new Photographic Backdrops supplier in town. The new kid on the block …the Photographic Paper Backdrops block. Trigger Seamless Backdrops specialises in Photographic Paper Backdrops alone and thrive to be fully stocked with all our various colours at any given point in time. Taking the hassle out of your Photographic Paper Backdrops purchase leaving you more time to concentrate on ensuring the rest of your preproduction and gear accumulation run smoothly and efficiently. Super dedicated agents will deliver your Photographic Paper Backdrops nationwide with bullet speed urgency…we do understand last minute shoot deadlines.

Aiming to be the largest supplier of Seamless Photographic Backdrops in South Africa by the end of 2020 we have supplied over 250 standard industry size Photographic Backdrops to over 72 recurring clients extending into Namibia and Botswana. Trigger Seamless Photographic Backdrops are the first photographic suppliers to supply our Photographic Backdrops in a protective cardboard spiral wound tube using only virgin paper ideal for collecting and preserving your backdrops with ease…Please see the Facebook and Instagram links on our website for examples of our unique packaging.

Why Choose Us

Trigger Seamless Backdrops are in addition to day to day photographic shoots, very suitable for setting up product display window dressing sets. Also very handy in applications such as exhibition stands. We boast over 53 vivid colours ranging through naked tones to black, white, greys and including your pastels and saturated palettes.

Our Industry-standard units are available in two sizes 2.72 metre x 10 metres/Full roll and 1.36 metre x 10 metre /half roll. Our paper’s weight averages 180 grams per square meter which again is industry standard.  We are confident to say we are the most competitively priced Seamless Photographic Paper Backdrops in the South African market at the moment.